Tara’s 4th Birthday

Tara's 4th Birthday

on 10th August 2008, our little family create a small celebration for Tara’s birthday. Small cake from Seven Grain, #4 candle from giant, Doraemon from hoka-hoka bento, and "Nasi Tumpeng". As a surprice we will attend Barney shows @ tennis indor senayan, Jakarta.

Thanks God, You’ve give our family a smart and healthy child. Amen

Here some pict.

Tara, Happy birthday

doraemon and cake

The party has started

Nasi Kuning dan temannya


  1. ternyata tanggal lahir tara sama dengan tanggal lahir ibu gw bay :D…met ulang tahun tarra…


  2. Waahh..tante Ada gak diundang ya? hehehe..ngiler ama doraemonnya…eh bisa dimakan gak ya? Kalo gak bisa, ngiler ama nasi kuningnya deh :):)


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