Yogyakarta : Indraloka Homestay

Yogyakarta : Indraloka Homestay

This is the place we spent night while in Yogyakarta. I found this place when browsing through yogyes.com.

Indraloka Neonsign

Front View

resto garden

Cik Di Tiro 18 Yogyakarta 55223 Indonesia
Phone: +62 274 544428
Fax: +62 274 544428
SMS Reservation: +62 818 271 715

Shortcut URL:

Locate near UGM, why just take a hotel near malioboro ? first situation near malioboro little bit crowded, and secondly, the street is quite narrow. So i decide to take this hotel. One point for Indraloka Homestay is thay have WIFI, the speed is faster than internet connection from my office.. :D. So at nigh I can use to find the place for visit in the next day, and support my job, monitoring website.

using wifi

2nd floor lounge

2nd floor lounge

We take the bed room which is have shared bathroom (shower). The bed room is quite cozy, have a television with tv-cable and a window, view to street.

bed room

bed room
Breakfast is various for everyday, some times we got fried rice, sometime sandwich, or chicken porridge.

If You are food lover, dont worry. in the hotel there is resto, but arround the hotel also available. You can find
– Mie Aceh

mie aceh
– Sate Kambing

sate kambing
– Pecel lele, ayam goreng, Nasi Uduk,

kaki limaan
– Most visited and little bit crowd is Sop Kaki Kambing

sop kaki kambing


    1. Indraloka bagus kok, homy banget disana. daripada menginap di hotel biasa, kurang berkesan.


  1. waktu itu ambil kamar yang lantai 2 yaah…?
    itu beneran bangunan tahun 1930…? spooky gak disana….?

    terima kasih


    1. iya, benar. Bangunan tua, 1930. dilantai 2 ada beberapa kamar,
      engga spooky kok.
      keuntungan lainnya dekat dengan jajanan para mahasiswa.


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