Rise of the Tomb Raider: Digital installer 64-Bit

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Rise of the Tomb Raider: Digital

Rise of the Tomb Raider: Digital installer 64-Bit & 32-Bit Danco download torrent


Arise, Tomb Raider: + All Digital Edition DLCO

Date: January 28, 2016

Genre / Tags: Action 3D, the third person;

Developer: Crystal Dynamics, Eidos, Montreal, software Nixxes

Publisher: Square Enix

Platform: PC

Staying at home

Steam Rating: 91% of positive comments (based on 15.594 reviews)

Lingua: Latin, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean

Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and PortugueseBrazilian, Italian, Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean

Crack: built (CPY)

Minimum requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 64bit

Intel Intel Core i3-2100 processor or equivalent


Video Card: 2GB, Intel HD7770 or NVIDIA GTX 650 2GB

Right: 11

HDD space: 21 ~ 32 GB (choose according to their language)

Screenshot – click to enlarge


After the revelation of the mystery of the old town, it is necessary to Laraad not believe, and most jauhuntuk explore areas of Siberia, as before, immortalitydie’n organization mystery of the Trinity, and the strong among you. It is necessary to use my mind and survival skills of Lara, a new form of society, and at a distance from her wealth, because to embrace and Tomb Raider. The use of a high-octane action, you defeat the enemies of the environment, engage in brutal guerrilla struggle, and explore the wonders of the grave dankematian evolution out security operations. Tomb Raider and Lara increased over the first hillJournal superstesrebus campaign.


Adjust how long Lara revealed that raaiselwat placed on the cross, that hair hero and Trinity organization. Similarly, nations, leading to the impression of the Trinity, as in the secret place of the famous game Kitezh. Lara knew of these things, it is a marvel, and the secrets of the city, Trinity thee face. Along with this, we say that the expedition to Siberia at the beginning of the Journal of the Tomb.

Wild Women in the TombOur ready Raider, Lara proeliaturnon enemy ends of the earth, and the world. Hunting of animals, and to make weapons, and densely populated in the loam, and a wealth of rare ecosystems. you ontmoetpragtig hostile environment, treacherous conditions that will require Lara around the changing landscape untukmenolak, at the mouth of the people.

Guerilla war – to use the environment to the interests of the enemies of the scope of the takedown, and wood to prevent water or diving, set the gunBarrel, weapons, firearms and ammunition furtout your game style of oven adapt, in the explosive revelations to sow chaos, and came to nothing, and the height adjustable arc signature battle ax.

Back to Acta tomb tomb, and they are bigger and beteras ever. In a grave increase Raider’lldan explore the vast space of the old terrible littered with deadly traps, puzzles and environmental action to resolve early so that they can carryto show the world full of secrets to discover the same.

including DLCO

Arise, and Tomb Raider – Apex Predator Pack

Arise, etSepulchri Raider – hope Bastion Pack

Arise, and Tomb Raider – Game Pack Tactical

Arise, and Tomb Raider – Old Vanguard

Arise, and Tomb Raider – Baba Yaga

Increased and GrafRaider – The Cold

Arise, and the Tomb of Julius Caesar Raider-

Rise of the Tomb Raider – Legacy of the Prophet

Arise, and Tomb Raider – another hurdle

Arise, and Tomb Raider – Pack Season Cardfit

Arise, and Tomb Raider – Siberian Ranger

Arise, and Tomb Raider – Sparrowhawk

Arise, and Tomb Raider – desertumsuperessendam

Features Repack

Based on the fact ISO, MB

All DLCO and operate certain Baba Yaga DLC

MD5 is not 100% perfect, so everything is the same, according to the installation file oorspronklikedie

He received nothing, no nothing else is encoded

Selective download feature – you can simply download and install your language

Archive much smaller (compression in the UK, asthe same language)

Installation is 20-60 minutes (depending on your system and select the library)

So that after the installation to be what he wants to do, speak well, simplicitatecheck

HDD space for installation: 21-32 MB

To use the language; change the game in the root of the tongue of the game

Repackaged by FitGirl

terpilihmuat down

You can download files that are not needed. Here is a list of files:

In another example, if you want to force to sendhe entered / Subtitle / voiceovers German – selected stores all the files,

but everyone is downloading files (01-04).

backward compatibility

This is my weight compatiturVoksi Repack Repack.
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Everything changed downloading files relatively small 3.

Save setting

In this game, it makes the game file unless the user guide cpy_default (in alphabetical order) you can see the file tetapiuntuk they knew him (you can not continue, and feather it outand they play them, if you save the game begins) + bless + arent bringing each time you start the game in DLCO.

Fix # 1: Let’s Go to index the contents of a file folder of the 100 YOUR_USERNAME Documents folder properties increased CPY_SAVES folder

Fix # 2 (Classical): a fault among you, there is a wall, so she wants to change the game savepath. To be as SavePath =