Sanyo Xacti CA9 – Serious problem

Sanyo Xacti CA-9 is a great camera, its works well both in the surface and under water, so all families activity can be captured without worrying about the camera it self.

Sanyo Xacti CA9

I’ve purchased it from well known photography shop @ pointsquare,  Lebak Bulus about 7-8 month ago. and this is my problem :

  • Every time took off the battery, Sanyo VPC-CA9 losing time and date information. always
  • This is the serious problem, when going to the ZOO with entire families,  suddenly the camera jam, cannot playing pan and zoom.  i think autofocus function is damaged, trying to reset but not change anything.

So please people, help me to repair my favorite camera. Today is a month after delivering the camera back to the store for services. the people at store just say waiting for Parts coming, and  dont know what damaged… OMG…

i thought buy from well known store will get good services. buts its not.

if you guys have any suggestion please fill in comment..

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