Yogyakarta : Bebek Goreng Kremes

Yogyakarta : Bebek Goreng Kremes

Taking a trip to Yogyakarta is not complete without dining-tour. First dining that we had a plan is Bebek Goreng Kremes. I found this place when watching wisata kuliner Trans TV.

Bebek Kremes Wong Jogja

Bebek Goreng Kremes locate at KM 5, Kaliurang, Yogyakarta. From Yogya this place is on the left side.

Inside, we can find a paper that signed by famous people, one i notice is from Trans TV.

Back to the menu, they serving Duck on various sytle, like Bebek Goreng, black pepper sauce, etc.

I just order Bebek Goreng Kremes like this:

Bebek Goreng Kremes

Bebek Goreng Kremes

The taste is very good, Mak Nyuss lahh. The meat can sliced easily.

Just read on the menu, you can find this on ITC Cempaka Mas Food Court, Wanna try ?

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